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M.A.T.V or S.M.A.T.V systems

M.A.T.V (Master Antenna Television) or S.M.A.T.V (Satellite Master Antenna) systems are a great choice for hospitals, hotels and other public buildings looking for a high quality multi channel room network. Both systems provide management and control over the channels accessible to patients, guests, or employees.

After conducting a comprehensive site survey we will be able to advise you which system is best suited for the project.

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IRS (Integrated Reception Services) Systems

Communal TV reception Systems like IRS systems provide TV/Satellite to each of the residents in a multi dwellings building,such as block of flats.

With an IRS system in place tenants can each have the option of Freeview/Sky/Sky HD/TV/FM/DAB etc. giving tenants an individual choice of Freeview TV or subscription based satellites whilst avoiding the requirement for numerous unsightly individual aerials and satellite dishes.

We are able to design systems serving 500 + units with a choice of satellite options as well as standard digital TV/HDTV.

Typical systems usually comprise of Sky, Sky + and HotBird/Turksat satellites plus incorporating bedroom connections (either via multi-room or playback services) when desirable.

Perfect for any new development that wishes to attract new tenants or a system overhaul of an existing block with new TV options.


Proposed set up at Battersea

FIBRE systems

Fibre systems provide a great solution for multi block developments where the developer wishes to have minimum dish/aerial arrays & where the distances between blocks exceeds 150 metres.

With our fibre systems you can have blocks up to 10km radius without losing signal quality or introducing noise into a system with excessive amounts of amplification needed on coax system of this magnitude.

All our engineers are fully competent on the latest fibre systems.

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